ZennoPoster Pro 7 [Instant Deliver]


FE – ZennoPoster – $487

ZennoPoster – it’s simple

It does not require special skills to get started


ZennoPoster can execute projects in dozens of threads simultaneously

Data management

Easy work with large texts, lists and MS Excel spreadsheets

Visual Drag&Drop Interface

Intuitive user-friendly interface with no extra windows and complexities

Automated actions recording

Unique recording system which allows to automatically record user actions into a project

Database Support

Take full advantage of databases and SQL-queries

Familiar browser

Familiar browser with address bar and tabs

User Profiles

ZennoPoster allows to login as different person each time visiting a site

Support for macros

More than 50 macros for all cases

Human Emulation System

Actions on sites will look like they were performed by real person

Powerful proxychecker

Powerful proxychecker Effective and easy cofigurable proxychecker with the feature to search proxies automatically

Own code

You can add your own C# code and class libraries

Web page analysis

Objects inspector, elements highlight, traffic analysis and more tools

Mail client

Mail management, search and analysis of relevant emails

FTP Support

Built-in client to work with FTP-servers

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