Kingdom Wars 2.0.0 Apk Mod

Kingdom Wars – Tower Defense Game Mod Apk is the ultimate game. The best strategy for attacking the tower of the Orcs. You can either defeat them, or you can be defeated. It’s a strategy game in real time that appears easy, but takes a lot of brainpower. Do you want to put your decision-making and strategic abilities on the test? This game, unlike most tower defense games, is a whole new level. Get the most addictive tower defense game right in front of you.

What is Kingdom Wars Mod Apk

Many castle guards have tried to protect their castles for only three seconds, but now they’re addicted to Kingdom Wars for many years. Continue to upgrade the armies and weapon of the tower. Don’t allow the giants, golems, orcs to touch the tower. You have to protect your castle. You can command your allies to join you in fighting for the castle! Protect your tower and attack the enemy.

Fast tower defense game

It is an extremely fast tower defense game. Our game features a quick-forwarding option. A commander has the option to create a unit, upgrade it or provide more food. You have 6 options for boosters. You can make a quick decision right away.

You can complete 400 levels and learn new characters. Meet 100 unique allies and defeat 100 unique enemy units. To destroy enemy castles, you can use heroes and other epic characters. There is always a way around it, no matter how hard it may seem. Don’t give up!

This strategy game is not the same as Paladog Battle Cats and Cartoon Wars. This is a battle with monsters, skeletons. Every TD game is not the same. The in-game coins are very generous. To level up your units, earn treasures and diamonds at each stage.

Your brave army awaits you now. Take command of our army and join us! Our Kingdom is at stake.


More than 400 stages
More than 200 enemy and allies units
More than 100 units of allies have unique limits-break looks
You can collect treasures at each stage to trigger skillful effects
6 types of booster items to play strategically

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