Gun Fungus Mod Apk 0.4.1 latest

Gun Fungus 0.4.1 Apk Mod latest is a Action Android game

Download Gun Fungus Apk Mod a Action Android game made by Funday Factory with a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best !

Shred some shrooms!
Turn the tides with powerups!
Find new loot and fuse it!
Fight new levels and bosses!

Watch out, there are some humongous fungus amongus! But it’s no truffle at all cause in Gun Fungus we’ve armed you to the teeth. The levels are crawling with mushies so grab your biggest’n’baddest gun for this one cause it’s about to get really explosive really fast!Blast, dodge, reload, repeat! But that alone is not gonna cut it, and don’t expect high morel standards from the shrooms either! This is a shred or get shredded scenario if you’ve ever seen one. But! The good news is that as soon as the levels of mushroom infestation in a area is stable, and when you land that final shot, you get to increase your power and find new loot! They say a picture is a thousand words so let’s go paint some art with this new kickass weaponry, right?


Whats New:
Gun Fungus Update

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