7 Unique Engagement Ring Trends For 2022 That Exceed the

2022 is ushering in a new bridal trends, lineup of fresh engagement ring shapes that run the gamut from unique in design to striking in color. We talked to some of the world’s most prominent jewelers, and the trendsetters behind smaller brands, to see what clients have been requesting. It seems like big oval shapes, fancy cut accents, and multi-stones are definitely sticking around. And, rather than finding the iciest diamond in the case, people are instead prioritizing sentimental value or personal, hidden touches that make their sparklers stand out.

That’s where color comes in. When you consider the fact that no two stones are alike, you may want to source your own emerald, sapphire, or ruby to highlight your originality. Finally, don’t underestimate the androgynous appeal of a thick band, decorated in embellishments (or not) in place of a central setting, and remember that you’ve always got the option to choose a classic diamond, but tilted ever so slightly, or completely into an East-West setting. Ahead, scroll through and shop the latest trends.


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