HAWK 38.0.27793 Apk Mod + OBB Data

HAWK: Airplane Space games Mod Apk – Time for an air attack, enemy forces have blighted the sun! Your bros will be your pilot squad! HAWK Freedom Squadron, a cooperative arcade shooter designed for old-school enthusiasts! In a game of war, you can expect epic battles for your skies force! You are now ready to face your enemy in aerial combat, and you will win!

What makes HAWK Fun?

There are dozens of options for you falcon team – everything from dieselpunk to fighter jets! You can get unique BRObot companions and weapons, as well as upgrades, for your strike force.

The top-down scroller shooter combines classic arcade spirit and flamboyant, modern graphics. It feels modern yet old-fashioned!

The most charismatic pilots join forces to form a winning air strike force.

Take control of the leaderboard and beat your online rivals!

Get together your friends to take down the enemy! This is a multiplayer co-op shooter in which one person can take on all the enemies!

Focus on the aircraft’s unique abilities Auto shoot is permanent

Amazing boss battles The skyscrapers of the enemy forces lead them!

This retro arcade shooter is a must-have! The skies are falcon team! It’s time to fight for our freedom

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