Fishing Superstars Mod Apk 5.9.38

Fishing Superstars Apk:* Bring honor to your guild with these new features from Season 5. Real-time battles Guild Grand-Prix Function added

A “Guild Only Competition” has been added, where all guilds are eligible to participate in real time.

You can conquer fishing spots and earn great honor for your guild!

* This fishing contest is not open to freshmen Champions League

This is the highest-level fishing competition that only includes the best fish

You can win a weeklong contest among experts, and you will receive a title with special rewards

* Additional functions for breaking down and adding pieces

You can now use equipment you haven’t used to build stronger equipment.

Buy fishing rods that are better and more rare by adding pieces to your rod.

Fishing Superstars only:

* Form a guild of friends to complete missions!

– The guild system (create, join, manage leave etc. – A guild system (create join manage leave etc.) has been added

Clearing missions will earn you special rewards!

* Our Deckhands can help you! !

You can also recruit deckhands for fishing while you’re away.

Deckhands are more likely to use their deck for more benefits.

Who says that you cannot wind the reel?

Realistic fishing with the excitement of the catch

Real fishing is now closer than ever

Take on the challenge and catch the biggest fish! !

Enjoy winding and casting the reel.

From tiny fry to giant fish You can catch a variety of fish!

• Enjoy the competition and challenge!

Strive for the victory in daily competitions

Facebook: Brag about your catch to show off!

There are so many fish to catch!

More than 200 varieties of fish are available, with more added every day!

Completing the Illustrated Book on-site will earn you many rewards.

Double the fun by displaying your catch!

You can fill your aquarium with all the fish that you have caught.

Fishing sites that offer a beautiful view of the natural world.


Latest and upcoming events

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* Requires Permission Guidelines

We may request permission to access the following services when you use the app.

[Required Permissions]

– STORAGE : This is used to save game data on external memory, etc.

** The game can be played in English.

* Additional charges may apply to certain items.

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