Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Nulled Free Download

Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Nulled

However, there are typically restrictions on accessing the code behind the agent. The configuration approach allows the user to directly configure each part of the agent. They can introduce more code structure, controls, data refinements, or add their own naming conventions.

Content Grabber gives you the option to either follow the simple macro automation methods, or to take direct control over the treatment of each element and command within your agent.


Content Grabber 2
Edition: Premium
Version: 2.72.0 (Build 1148)
Release Date: 7/1/2020
File Size: 133 MB

Content Grabber is a cloud-based web scraping tool that helps businesses all sizes with data extraction. Web Scraping (sometimes called web harvesting) is the general term applied to the extraction of data from websites.The platform enables users to manage data extraction workflow through the visual click and point editor. Content Grabber can extract content from any multi-structured source and save it in any format from CSV, Excel or XML.

Primary features of Content Grabber include agent logging, notifications, a customizable user interface, scripting capabilities, scripting, agent debugger, error handling and data export. Additionally, the solution provides enterprise management tools for proxies, scheduling, script libraries and notifications. Content Grabber’s integrated version control functionality and agent repository lets users deploy agents across various instances.

Content Grabber can be integrated with third-party data analytics, data transformation or reporting applications. Pricing of the solution is based on one time payment and support is provided through email, phone and documentation.

Whilst more traditional web scraping utilities allow you to retrieve web site data and extract it, RPA allows you to go further. Robotic Process Automation is just that – automation technology. So whilst you can build extremely powerful automations to repetitively and accurate retrieve all the web data you want – you can do so much more!

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Remember that RPA works with the interface just as you or I might. Well that means that not only can you use it to read data but you can use RPA to automate interaction with web sites as well. Perhaps your HR system has a web front end and you need to automate tasks in there. Maybe your organisation uses cloud accounting software and it would be a huge time saver to automate creating invoices in there. Anything you can do using your browser can be automated using RPA. Think of the power and the time that puts back in your hands.

Take the example of scraping company contact details, maybe you have a list of potential clients and would like to send an introductory email to each of them. Not only could RPA scrape the contact information but you could then have it send your email to your potential client. That might be a simple example but it demonstrates the value RPA adds over and above traditional web.

Well if you’re already interested in RPA or better still, already using it to automate business processes then the good news is that you can harness its web scraping capabilities without having to look for alternative scraping solutions in the market place.

Also, RPA bases its interface technology on elements. An element is a well-defined area of the program (or web page’s) presentation interface which RPA can understand. So, this isn’t co-ordinate based screen scraping – RPA can identify target regions, elements, on the web page in order to derive the actual data required.

And there’s more. Whilst RPA automations run on the concept of a robot – software responsible for actually carrying out the automation – this is not analogous to a web trawling bot. Robotic Process Automation uses, loads and ‘views’ webpages in just the same way as you or I might.

Features :

Price comparison portals / mobile apps

Data aggregation
Collaborative lists (e.g. home foreclosures, job boards, tourist attractions)
News & content aggregation
Search engine rankings

Market intelligence and Monitoring

Competitive pricing
Retail chain monitoring
Social media and brand monitoring
Financial and market research
Fraud detection
IP protection
Compliance & risk management

Government solutions

Obtain timely updates on news, activities and opinions around the world
Reduce data collection and IT costs
Facilitate information sharing
Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Content Integration

Content migration (i.e. CMS / CRM)
Enterprise search
Legacy application integration

B2B integration / process automation

Partner / supplier / customer integration

Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Nulled Development

With Content Grabber, you can visually browse the website and click on the data elements in the order that you want to collect them. Based on the content elements selected, Content Grabber will automatically determine the corresponding action type and provide default names for each command as it builds the agent for you.

Content Grabber main screen – building CarPoint Agent

A Content Grabber agent is a collection of commands which are executed in serial until completed. The commands can either be actions (such as a jump to a URL) or data capture commands (e.g. capture text). These commands are recorded in order of execution in the Agent Explorer panel of the Content Grabber screen.

Agent Explorer panel with New Agent commands

If you want to make other adjustments or gain more control of your commands, you can make changes in the Configure Agent Command panel.

Configure Agent Command panel

You can also add new commands to your agent, or configure existing ones. To do this, you simply click twice on any web element (content item) and the Content Grabber Message window will appear. From here you can select the command type you want and add it to the Agent Explorer.

Content Grabber Message window pop-up

Content Grabber Data Outputs

After you have finished building you Agent and run it for the first time, Content Grabber saves the data locally in a structured database format. Content Grabber can export extracted web data as a report or to numerous different database types. Data output options include CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and OleDB.

Content Grabber’s Data Configuration window

You can also use a Content Grabber export script to completely customize the data export to your own database structures.


Content Grabber provides an Agent scheduling facility that enables you to automatically run your agent at predetermined time slots whenever you need it to run. This can be done every hour, every day, month, year and so on.

Content Grabber Premium v2.72.0 Nulled

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