ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro 8.40


Surf anonymously online : Change your IP address with 1 click

Proxies from more than 50 countries : Access blocked/restricted websites in your country/region by using a proxy from another country

Automatically connect to proxy : The software can be configured to start on Windows boot and connect to a proxy

Support for all major web browsers : Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Multilanguage Interface : The software is available in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian

Unblock Websites Mode : Bypass Internet Censorhip and get access to sites that are blocked or filtered in your country

Expat Internet Browsing Mode : Unblock access to geo restricted video and entertainment websites like: HULU, Netflix, CBS, ABC, Wilmaa, TF1, M6, WAT and more

Protect your privacy : Block tracking scripts, web counters and strip data from HTTP headers to protect your anonymity *

Block ads while surfing anonymously : YouTube will show pure content without the annoying publicity which is usually customized on your search interests *

Advanced proxy connection settings : You will be able to filter the proxies by country and minimum speed

Fast anonymous proxy connection : Use the fastest proxy servers available for your anonymous connection

Select the IP address to browse the net : Choose between a Random IP or a new IP address, which you will use to navigate on the internet

Customize Unblock Profiles : Gain access to sites that are blocked or filtered in your country

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