Base Converter 2.5.2 Apk Pro

Base Converter 2.5.2 Apk Pro latest is a Tools Android app

Base Converter is a Tools android app made by Universapp that you can install on your android devices and enjoy!
Base Converter is a convenient tool which helps you convert numbers between bases from 2 to 36, including the common bases like: BIN (binary – base 2), OCT (octal – base 8), DEC (decimal – base 10) and HEX (hexadecimal – base 16).

– Feature:
+ Lightweight and works fast, able to convert floating point number
+ Nice and modern interface, allow to choose light theme or dark theme
+ Simple and easy to use

– Instruction: just type the number on the base you want to convert, the result numbers on other bases will appear simultaneously.

– Supporting languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian.
NOTE: If you find any problem about translation, please send your feedback via email or review comment to help us fix it.

– Keyword: base converter, radix calculator, programmer’s calculator, numbering systems, bin, oct, dec, hex.

Base Converter Apk

What’s New:
Able to swipe between tabs
Set theme for Settings
Fix bugs

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