Australia news live update: national cabinet meets to
discuss severe staff shortages; NSW Covid cases to spike as rapid
tests counted

Scott Morrison and state and territory leaders will consider easing Covid isolation rules for more workers. Follow all the day’s news

Albanese is laying the blame of Australia’s current Covid predicament squarely at Morrison’s feet.

How is it we have got to this point? The rapid antigen tests were approved last September.

The national plan made it clear that once we opened up there would be an increased number of infections and we needed to make sure we planned for it. We needed Scott Morrison to do his job.

Working people have been saying that they needed access to testing for example for months after months. The Transport Workers Union wrote to the government last September about supply chains and the disruptions that could occur if they didn’t get access to rapid antigen tests and now we know this government only ordered en masse rapid antigen tests this week. It’s extraordinary their complacency.

We have had a grand slam of failures from this government, whether it’s tracing, testing, and quarantine. On each occasion they wait until … a problem becomes a crisis before Scott Morrison acts.

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